Stu G gear check – Kemper profilers and Suhr Classic S

Gear check with Stu G focussing on his Kemper Profilers and Suhr Classic S.

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Gear Check

Stu G Gear Check Kemper profiler MuzoPlanet
Ever wonder what the Stu G gear backline looks like?

We caught up with Stu G on the main stage at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town South Africa prior to performing with Micheal W. Smith during their recent tour through South Africa. Stu takes us through the setup of his Kemper Profilers using the profiles of his own amps made in conjunction with ToneJunkieTV. He also explains why the Suhr Classic S is the only guitar he brought along and why he prefers Thalia capo’s. For a rundown of Stu G’s pedalboard click here.


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