New from Sabian for 2018

New cymbal for drummers who are tired of being asked to hold back because their cymbals are too loud for the playing situation.

by | May 11, 2018 | Gear News

Sabian FRX cymbals
Sabian FRX (Frequency Reduced) cymbal series

SABIAN has just announced a brand new kind of cymbal for drummers who are tired of being asked to hold back because their cymbals are too loud for the playing situation. Whether it’s the church music director because their cymbals are bleeding into the choir mics, or the front of house tech because their cymbals have too much attack for the room, there isn’t a drummer alive who hasn’t been told to “hold back”, “play quiet”, or “turn down”! SABIAN FRX (Frequency Reduced) cymbals are the solution.

Sabian FRX cymbals are designed for playing environments where traditional cymbals are just too much… SABIAN emphasizes that FRX are NOT low volume or practice cymbals – they are for situations where cymbal volume could be a challenge. Available in 14” Hats, 16”-17”-18” Crashes, and 20”-21” Rides, FRX cymbals offer complex and versatile dark tone across the line. The Hats pair a light top over a medium-weight bottom for exceptional versatility, clean sticking and crisp response. The Crashes are fast and shimmering, with an exceptionally soft touch. And the Rides deliver dark, articulate stroke response and buttery-soft feel.

Sabian FRX cymbals give real drummers in real-life situations the freedom to play any gig without holding back… SABIAN FRX is THE solution for lower volume environments like churches, weddings, corporate gigs, small venues, schools, musical theatre, cruise ships, drummers who sing, band rehearsals, and many, many more.


FRX Craftmanship

Professional B20 Bronze cymbals crafted in the SABIAN Vault. FRX offers a complex and versatile dark tones with reduced frequency across the entire line.

  • Sabian metallurgists combine measured amounts of copper, tin and silver to create centuries-old recipe for Sabian B20 bronze alloy
  • Molten-hot B20 bronze is very carefully hand-poured into pots, and once cooled, yields already-musical B20 bronze castings
  • B20 castings are meticulously hand-separated by weight and prepared to remove all impurities
  • Castings are fed through a large rolling oven up to a dozen times, involving a crew of 5 men who must work with choreographic precision under intense heat
  • During the entire rolling process, blanks must be rotated carefully to create a molecular weave for strength and durability
  • As castings become cymbal blanks, custom-built machine tools are expertly hand-operated to press bells into blanks, drill holes in center, cut down to size and bump for approximate shape
  • Lathe craftsmen operate specially retrofitted lathes, thinning cymbal to desired gauge while adding crucial tonal grooves
  • Cymbal must be trimmed to exact size and the edges buffed for smoothness
  • Each individual cymbal is hand-tested and hand-weighed in the Vault by Vault sound specialists, a critical process
  • Each individual cymbal is placed on a shelf to age, allowing the frantically active molecules to slow down and stabilize
  • Each individual cymbal is once again hand-tested by two Vault specialists to ensure they fit the parameters of the series and model

To view the full range follow the link HERE


sabian FRX


New line of practice cymbals

Created specifically for practice sessions, Quiet Tone Practice cymbals by SABIAN are designed to respond and feel like traditional cymbals – right down to their clearly defined bell – so drummers won’t have to change the way they play. Drummers will appreciate their greatly reduced sonic footprint at practice sessions, drum lessons or any time they need quiet cymbals.

Because other practice cymbals often sound muffled and provide little-to-no sustain, drummers tend to hit much harder during practice sessions than they would during a performance – a situation SABIAN wanted to avoid.  Quiet Tone cymbals are designed to remedy this problem: not only do they respond and feel true-to-life, they produce a distinct, clearly defined bell tone, offering drummers a much more accurate and natural playing environment.

Available in 4 box sets with 4 popular cymbal configurations, Quiet Tone cymbals are manufactured from a tough, durable alloy that resists dents and stains, while looking great on any kit. To view the entire range of Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals follow the link HERE.

sabian FRX


New B8X & XSR O-ZONE Crashes

By popular demand, SABIAN has announced the addition of popular O-Zone effects crashes to its smartly-priced B8X and XSR series. Available in both series as 16” and 18” models, these new crashes differ from AAX and HHX O-Zones in one key aspect: while both AAX and HHX O-Zones use a single ring of O-Zone holes, the B8X and XSR models are designed with a double-ring of response-enhancing holes.

The new XSR O-Zones start their life as Fast Crashes, then undergo a highly effective double-ring O-Zone design for a darker, quicker response with more white noise and more pure attack. This response-enhancing design allows these radical effects crashes to respond with bright explosion and dirty agitation, delivering even attack that is aggressive, raw and nasty.

Also incorporating the double-ring O-Zone-hole design, B8X O-Zone Crashes respond rapidly with bright explosion and dirty agitation, but with a more focused B8 Bronze attack. These are not your typical crashes − they’re a crude and aggressive combination of Thin Crash and Chinese. The O-Zone holes serve to lighten the cymbals’ weight, so while the size and volume remain the same, the response is actually much faster because there’s less metal mass to move.

Drummers will appreciate the addition of these highly effective effects crashes to the smartly-priced XSR and B8X lines. The new O-Zones are available now.


sabian FRX


Big crash added to best-selling HHX Legacy line

In 2006, SABIAN launched the HHX Legacy line, introducing it as the “dark side” of Dave Weckl’s sound. It has remained one of the cymbal brand’s best-selling lines ever since. To answer the demand for a bigger crash in this popular line, SABIAN has just announced the release of a 19” HHX Legacy Crash (11906XLN).

With its dark tone, this highly responsive Crash is a punchy, dark and complex cymbal, capable of playing loud while remaining musical. The 19″ HHX Legacy Crash is vibrant, trashy and beautiful, with dark, musical colour that encompasses a full tonal spectrum and a warm, complex personality.

The SABIAN 19” HHX Legacy Crash will be available in January 2018. For more information, please visit


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