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Posted by: muzoplanet Category: Gear News 0 Post Date: 1st Oct 2018

Sabian’s Custom Shop comes to South Africa

Drummers are always looking for that next sound that drives new music. That next sound that defines their voice as a musician. SABIAN was founded on the idea that drummers deserve infinite sound possibilities.

We create the best cymbals in the world so you can create the best sounds, and each cymbal we design has its own soul and personality…each as unique as you are. But we know there are times when an off-the-shelf cymbal just won’t cut it. We can help with that too.

SABIAN is a company built on people with a passion for the art of cymbal making. It’s built on craftsmen who have spent decades perfecting the art of making cymbal and sounds with their bare hands. For this reason our Custom Shop can offer you the power to choose from no less than 29-million potential cymbal configurations. It’s an offer no other cymbal company can make.

For more than half a century, we’ve been handcrafting cymbals in our factory and our latest innovation has opened the door for ALL drummers to have the same access as the top musicians in the world.

All you have to do is visit and then follow these three easy steps:

    Start here to build the exact cymbal you want. Our step-by-step process will walk you through each stage of the cymbal design process.
    Don’t worry about making bad choices. Before you purchase, a SABIAN sound specialist will be in touch to confirm you’re getting the cymbal sound you really want.
    This is where you pick your favorite drum shop to pay for and pick up your custom cymbal. Now it’s time to play!

We’ve even made short video’s with some examples of the options to help guide you through the process.

Custom cymbals, now available to everyone. Your “next sound” just got more interesting.

Check out the custom shop website and follow Sabian South Africa on social media to stay in touch.

Facebook: @sabiansouthafrica
Instagram: @sabiansouthafrica

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