Easy Steps to get started on MuzoPlanet

Interested in becoming part of MuzoPlanet? Getting started is easy. Simply follow the few steps below to join and create your own listings.

Step 1: Register

To get started you need to register on MuzoPlanet as a member. Click here to register . Being a member will give you the ability to take part on our forums and to add directory listings. Move on to the next steps to get this done. 

NOTE: If you do not receive a verification email (inbox or spam), please hit the ‘Resend‘ link found in the green confirmation box during signup.

Step 2: Verify your account

After verifying your account (you should have received an email to confirm your email address. Check your SPAM folder as well. If for some reason you did not receive anything, please contact us to manually activate your profile), proceed to login to MuzoPlanet to add your Artist or Business listing.

Step 3: Add your listing(s)

Now that you have logged in to MuzoPlanet, you can choose the type of listing you would like to add. If you are a musician you can click here to add your first listing. If you are part of the music industry (venue, shop, luthier, publicist, recording studio or anything related to the music industry) you can go here to add your first listing.

On each of the listing screens above, simply follow the onscreen instructions and take note of the tips below certain fields.

Step 4: Let's double-check

Now that you have added your listing, let’s take a step back and look at some of the detail.

  1. Did you upload a profile and header image for your member profile?
  2. Did you upload the correctly sized image for each of the sections – view the ‘Making it look great!’ section below for a detailed sizing guide?
  3. Did you fill in all the relevant details, such as the social media links, genres and short but relevant bio?

If you have done all of the above, the next step is to share share share! Welcome to the planet where musicians live.

Step 5: Making it all look great

A picture speaks a thousand words so make yours count. There are 3 to 4 main images we will concentrate on:


Profile image


Profile header


Listing header


Logo image (Only for business listings)


To make sure your images are perfect please use the following size guide – make sure that all your image do not exceed 600kb – you can use TinyPNG to make sure you achieve that. If you do not have a program/app to crop or resize your images, consider using Fotor (For Windows / For Mac iOS) – it’s easy and free to use


Profile image: 600px X 600px

Profile header: 1000px X 300px

Listing Main Image: 1200px X 600px or 1920px X 950px

Business Listing Logo: 540px X 350px



Member Profile View

Step 6: Manage your listings

Once you have claimed your listing or created your own you can manage them on a continuous basis via the My Space -> My Dashboard menu path. 

All your listings will be displayed under one of three headings (Business Directory, Events, Artists) depending on the type of listing you claimed/created. Click on the heading to filter the listings per listing type.

You can edit/delete each listing via the relevant buttons showing below each listing.

Still not sure what to do?

Contact us to get some help or advice on how to get your listing perfect.