Frequently Asked Questions

MuzoPlanet offers the following:

The above are created by MuzoPlanet contributors on behalf of artists or service providers, or by MuzoPlanet members themselves. If a MuzoPlanet contributor already created a business or artist profile on your behalf, you can claim those listings and manage it yourself going forward. For any assistance, please contact MuzoPlanet.

Listings are created by MuzoPlanet contributors on behalf of music professionals and/or service providers. If one or more of those listings represents your business or artist identities you can claim those as your own and manage them yourself. 

To claim your listing navigate to the relevant directory in 'The Planet' menu item. Search for and choose (click) the relevant listing. Click on the Business Owner? link in the left sidebar. 

If you have not registered yet you will be routed to the register page. Once you completed registration you can resume the claim submission process. You will be required to confirm that you are the legal owner of the business/artist identity or have the legal right to manage the listing on behalf of the business/artist.  

A successful claim will be indicated in the left sidebar of the listing:


Yes. After you have registered you can create as many business, muzo and event listings as you want. Go to 'The Planet' menu to create new listings or do it directly from the sidebar buttons in your 'My Dashboard'. 

Yes. There are two areas from where you can edit your listings.

1. From the 'My Dashboard'.

The 'Listings' section in your 'My Dashboard' will contain all the listings that your either created or claimed successfully. They are further grouped per listing type: Directory, Events and Artists.

Click on the specific listing type to view the list. Once you have found the relevant listing you can choose the relevant editing option from the listing's edit bar.


Directly within the directory

After login navigate to the specific directory via 'The Planet' menu item. Search for the specific listing you want to edit. Open the listing and click on the "Edit" link in the sidebar.