Vater Percussion announce Elise Trouw as an artist with signature stick

Elise Trouw, one of the most celebrated and trail-blazing independent artists of her generation, boasts new signature Vater drumsticks

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Industry News

elise trouw

ELISE TROUW is one of the most celebrated and trail-blazing independent artists of her generation – a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and content designer/developer who blends digital technology with acoustic instruments in new and creative musical and visual ways. She has quickly become an incredible inspiration and acclaimed role model for young budding creatives and the growing female musician market worldwide and is consistently praised by a long list of well-known and iconic musical peers.

She learned to play the piano with the wish to play “My Immortal” by Evanescence. At that time she was just 6 years old. She started playing the drums at the age of 10 after Elise discovered her passion for the instrument through the computer game Rock Band.



As part of their Player’s Design range, Vater Percussion has launched Elise’s signature stick. The Elise Trouw Vater drumstick design is as fun and inspiring visually as it is to play with. Elise’s model is 16” in length with a 7A sized grip for a comfortable feel that is suitable across the full range of drumming experience from young beginners to advanced players alike.

Lathe turned using the finest grade American Hickory for durability with a round wood tip for a clean, defined sound. The Elise Trouw logo, signature, and customized Pink finish put the finishing touches on this exciting model.


Vater Elise Trouw Model – VHETW
  • Diameter: .540″ [1.37cm]
  • Length: 16″ [40.64cm]
  • Wood: Hickory
  • Tip: Round Wood Tip
  • Finish: Pink


“I wanted to make a pair of sticks that the nine-year-old in me would love. Working with Vater, we have made sticks that are also perfect for me today.” – Elise Trouw

Elise trouw


Just like with every Vater product, any musical instrument store can order the Vater Elise Trouw model for you. Please contact your local store and ask them to get them on order for you.

About Vater Percussion

Vater Percussion is a US manufacturing company based in Holbrook, Massachusetts. The company has always focused on percussion instruments, producing drumsticks, brushes and mallets. It was founded by Jack Adams and has an A-list roster of artists covering all genres and styles.


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