dD Drums – Proudly South African made drums

dD Drums is a proudly South African custom-made drum company based in Wellington. We caught up with them recently.

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dD drums 1 wellington muzoplanet

dD Drums is a proudly South African custom-made drum company based in Wellington. They have carved a niche in the specialty drums market and several drummers have turned to them for a bespoke snare. We caught up with them recently.

What made you decide, from now on, we are building Drums?

We were never supposed to create a company and build drums. I (De Wet) came to Daniel with this idea of building the snare of my dreams. At that point, we did not even really know each over very well, and to be honest, we had this conversation after a couple of drinks. So, I was not convinced that we would even build the snare, let alone start a business after a few months. But somehow, we got together and after a couple of late nights, it was done. The beast that is now called The Wise Oak was born, a 13×7.5” thick-walled oak snares that just puts a smile on everyone’s face. After playing the snare for the first time, we knew that we cannot keep this to ourselves and so started dD Drums.

What motivates you to build custom drums?

As a company consisting of a partnership between a drummer and a non-drummer. We have different motivations and satisfaction that we derive out of this venture, sometimes not aligning with each over’s motives or goals. But the one thing that we can agree on and that motivates us is that there is a single universal crescendo that occurs at the end of the process that keeps us coming back. The moment that we hand over our drums and it gets struck for the first time by the customer, that couple of seconds where the energy gets passed on from the drum to the face of the client. Where all the hours of work come together. That moment of pure euphoria.  That is why we do what we do, that is what motivates us.

In terms of dD Drums, what is your favourite creation so far and why?

The very first snare we built, a solid oak 13×7.5” named the The Wise Oak Snare. We built that one as two friends just having fun and trying out something new. Everyone that plays it leaves with a massive smile on their face and is in disbelieve with the fat sound that it produces. It has become the cornerstone of our collection and represents what we are all about perfectly.


dD Drums wellington muzoplanet
Where do you see the dD Drums in 5 years?

We would like to penetrate the international market within the next 5 years and show the world that South Africa can make unique musical pieces that can stand the test of time. That our drums get featured on albums that inspire the masses to pick up a pair of sticks.

How can clients get hold of you for custom work?

Whatsapp at 0824484452.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

For more info visit our website at www.doubleddrums.co.za

Where are you Based?

We are based just outside of the beautiful Paarl on the Nuwedrift road; you can find us by googling dD Drums. We only accept customers by appointment as the workshop runs 24/7.


Who would you most like to build a full kit for and why?

Darren King or Phil Paris. We are very intrigued with the way they approach their drum kits and the sound they like. Darren plays concert toms taped to death and removes his bass drum resonant head to get the sound he desires, and Phil likes a simplistic setup with a massive 26” bass drum. We can manufacture something special for them that will fill all their needs.


dD Drums wellington muzoplanet
About dD Drums

Our passion is to show the world that South Africa can produce world-class instruments that are as unique as the land we live in.

dD Drums got their origin from the bond formed by two friends, one completely infatuated with wood and building furniture day in day out and the other obsessed with sound and on the never-ending journey to find the perfect drum sound. The seed was planted one inebriated night and from the dedication and promises, came the handcrafted drums you see today.

Each drum is individually handmade and unique in the sound it bellows. Our shells are made from a variety of exotic woods, depending on the sound and look our clients prefer. At dD Drums we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction by providing the customer with the choice of dimensions, exotic woods, and choosing the proper lugs/hardware for the kit/snare. We engage with the customer throughout the production process to guarantee that the dream becomes a reality.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doubleddrums/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dddrums/

Web: https://doubleddrums.co.za/


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