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billy ocean loverboy solo muzoplanet

The Loverboy Solo

The Billy Ocean Loverboy solo. Before your thoughts get carried away in an unsavory direction, I am referring to the guitar solo in Billy Ocean’s 80’s hit, "Loverboy". I recently ... Read More
destryoing purple haze weekend warrior muzoplanet

Trashing Purple Haze

I have been the founding member and musical director for a Cat Stevens tribute show for the past 12 years. This show has taught me many lessons, from structuring a ... Read More
Stratocaster mods Muzoplanet

Stratocaster mods – Lessons learned

A few years ago I bought a brand new Mexican Fender Stratocaster for a very good price. To be precise, it was a 60’s Classic Series strat in sunburst with ... Read More
Moving from valve amps to Kemper profiler

Moving from valves to Kemper

Four Months ago, I took the plunge and bought a Kemper Profiler – the unpowered toaster version. It wasn’t an impulse purchase. It took a lot of deliberation and research ... Read More
Muzoplanet Strings Attached

Goodbye too soon?

A friend of mine recently bought a Fender American Deluxe Precision bass from a fellow SAMIS member. It is beautiful in all respects. It’s the kind of bass one can ... Read More