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Income streams for artists - muzoplanet

Income streams for artists

Income streams for artists can be numerous. Some ways are better than others. Here is a list of what I thought are the best, and what artists should focus on ... Read More
EU Copyright Directive MuzoPlanet

The new EU Copyright Directive wants musicians to be paid better

The new EU Copyright Directive proves that technology moves too fast for laws to keep up. The internet alone, in its ever-changing state, has resulted in more laws having being ... Read More
billy ocean loverboy solo muzoplanet

The Loverboy Solo

The Billy Ocean Loverboy solo. Before your thoughts get carried away in an unsavory direction, I am referring to the guitar solo in Billy Ocean’s 80’s hit, "Loverboy". I recently ... Read More
destryoing purple haze weekend warrior muzoplanet

Trashing Purple Haze

I have been the founding member and musical director for a Cat Stevens tribute show for the past 12 years. This show has taught me many lessons, from structuring a ... Read More
Muzoplanet legal notes duration of copyright

Duration of copyright

It was my birthday last week, which reminded me of the debacle surrounding the happy birthday song and the duration of copyright. You all know the song “Happy birthday to ... Read More
Copyright infringement muzoplanet

Copyright infringement – what to do?

In terms of copyright infringement I am often asked “what must I do if someone else is using my song?”. Well, it all starts with a basic understanding of copyright ... Read More
copyright for cover songs legal notes muzoplanet

Copyright for cover songs

Copyright for cover songs – how to legally perform and record them live Almost every artist will at some stage of their life perform or record cover songs. There seems ... Read More
what-you-dont-need-for-a-valid-contract-legal-notes-muzoplanet legal notes

What you don’t need for a valid contract

A key figure in the music industry approached me on ideas for an upcoming talk she was doing. She told me she’d like to speak about basic contract formalities, such ... Read More

Implications of the new cannabis laws for the music industry

There is no doubt that most of you have heard about the Constitutional Court’s unanimous decision to decriminalize the smoking of cannabis for personal use. What does this judgment mean, ... Read More
Copyright reversion clause | Muzoplanet | Legal notes

Copyright Reversion Clause

I’m going to get straight to the point. This Copyright Reversion clause is arguably one of the more important clauses a contract has to have, yet, contracts seldom have them ... Read More
Stratocaster mods Muzoplanet

Stratocaster mods – Lessons learned

A few years ago I bought a brand new Mexican Fender Stratocaster for a very good price. To be precise, it was a 60’s Classic Series strat in sunburst with ... Read More
legal considerations for tribute bands muzoplanet

Legal considerations for tribute bands

A client contacted me the other day asking about the legality of her tribute band. This is the first time I have dealt with a question like this before. But ... Read More
Moving from valve amps to Kemper profiler

Moving from valves to Kemper

Four Months ago, I took the plunge and bought a Kemper Profiler – the unpowered toaster version. It wasn’t an impulse purchase. It took a lot of deliberation and research ... Read More

Song Copyright Types

Unbeknownst to some, writing and recording a song can give you up to three different copyrights. This is why music law and music copyrights are so cool, as they are ... Read More
music copyright owner in south african law

Copyright owner – Who owns music copyright?

Here is a common situation: Your band has been rehearsing a new song, it’s not yet recorded, it is just some ideas you have been jamming. Who is the copyright ... Read More
Muzoplanet Strings Attached

Goodbye too soon?

A friend of mine recently bought a Fender American Deluxe Precision bass from a fellow SAMIS member. It is beautiful in all respects. It’s the kind of bass one can ... Read More