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Fruit Vendor Band

On the mic with Fruit Vendor

Interview with Josh Prinsloo, front-man and leader of the Fruit Vendor Band. Eclectic afro pop from Cape Town.
Stu G 1 - MuzoPlanet 2

On the mic with Stu G

Interview with Stu G, former lead guitarist and song writer for Delirious? and currently playing with Micheal W. Smith.
Michael Schack interview muzoplanet

On the mic with Michael Schack

Winner of the "E-drummer Of The Year" award in 2014, 2015 and 2017, Micheal Shack is a full-on one man band.
nic rush interview muzoplanet

On the mic with Nic Rush

"What is going to keep you getting booked repeatedly is how well you can hang with people"
hit like a girl 2019 spokesperson mël mcfail muzoplanet

Hit like a girl

We spoke to Mël McFail, spokesperson for Hit like a girl 2019, and D'Arcus Currie, winner of Hit like a girl 2012.
Melpro studio - muzoplanet interview

Melpro Studio

A story of why two Australian natives opened a world-class studio in South Africa.
aaron spears muzoplanet

On the mic with Aaron Spears

Advise from "the drummer for the stars" on how to mentally survive in the music industry.
kyle petersen musician - muzoplanet

On the mic with Kyle Petersen (part 2): Berklee

Kyle Petersen elaborates on his experience at the Berklee College of Music Summer School in Boston.
Roland keyboards ambassador in SA - Kyle Petersen - MuzoPlanet

On the mic with Kyle Petersen (part 1): Roland ambassador

Tips from the the official South African ambassador for Roland Keyboards on how to approach a possible endorsement deal.
amy jones musician | MuzoPlanet | Jirah Productions

On the mic with Amy Jones

The successful singer-song writer talks about the music industry, working with Cinimin (best EDM record 2018) and being ambassador for Faith Guitars. 
wonderboom jono bell | muzoplanet

On the mic with Jono Bell

The WONDERBoom drummer talks about life in WONDERBoom, his professional career as a lawyer and opening for Guns & Roses.
On the mic with Heidi Joubert

On the mic with Heidi Joubert

"The ideal or ultimate goal is to create something that no one else has thought of or created yet."
Jeandré Schultz | Duesenberg Guitars Palomo | Muzoplanet

On the mic with Jeandré Schultz

"When everyone in the band serves the song the band gets tighter and the song communicates better."
guitar re-fret foster guitar works muzoplanet

Foster Guitar Works

Foster van der Merwe from Foster Guitar Works explains all things around re-fretting, fret dressing and compression fretting.
Virgil Donati muzoplanet interview

On the mic with Virgil Donati

"One thing I’ve noticed on the many masterclasses I’ve done around the world, is that many students lack fundamental skills."
joshua na die reen jacques de villiers muzoplanet

On the mic with Joshua na die reën

"I do not understand the concept of “song writing workshops” to teach you song writing skills. In my experience there are no rules for inspiration."
dan patlansky muzoplanet interview

On the mic with Dan Patlansky

Life on the road, the endless persuit of tone and why Youtube videos can be misleading.