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Stu G Pedalboard

Stu G Pedalboard Setup

A run through of Stu G's pedalboard discussing his JHS, Walrus Audio and Eventide pedals along with the GigRig G2 switcher and Humdinger.
Stu G Gear Check Kemper profiler MuzoPlanet

Stu G gear check – Kemper profilers and Suhr Classic S

Gear check with Stu G focussing on his Kemper Profilers and Suhr Classic S.
Duesenberg guitars mike campbell muzoplanet gear check jeandré schultz

Gear check: Jeandré Schultz and Duesenberg Guitars

Duesenberg Guitars galore and no pedalboard in sight.
The Inside Job Fender FM100H

Gear Check: The Inside Job

Te Inside Job gear check - Fender, Epiphone, Cort, Crate and Boss.
Heini Berner Fouche guitars

Gear Check: Heini Berner

Heini boasts with his Custom Fouche Stratocaster and pedalboard filled with goodies from Tech21, Strymon, MI Effects and TC Electronics.
Gear check: Dan Patlansky Acoustic

Gear check: Dan Patlansky Acoustic

We caught up with Dan Patlansky on his solo acoustic tour at Die Bôrdinghuis in Wellington.