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guitar setup for recording

Guitar setup for recording – a lesson learned

If you consider becoming a session guitarist then you need to get your guitars set up properly
Remote recording in the Karoo - MuzoPlanet

Remote recording in the Karoo

Tracking and arranging a full album in 5 days in a farmhouse in the Karoo
les paul deluxe

Long live Madam Sousatzka (my Les Paul Deluxe)

Our columnist reminisces over the bumpy but ultimately successful journey with his Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
weekend warrior pros and cons mixtape

The Pros and Cons of being a Weekend Warrior

Our columnist lists some of the Pros and Cons of being a Weekend Warrior - a few might surprise you.
woman save electric guitar

Women might just save the electric guitar

According to market research released by Fender 50% of all beginner guitar players in USA and UK are female. With the music industry in decline, will women save the electric guitar?
billy ocean loverboy solo muzoplanet

The Loverboy Solo

Sometimes there are numerous benefits in playing something outside of your tastes.
destryoing purple haze weekend warrior muzoplanet

Trashing Purple Haze

During a recent gig our columnist trashed the Purple Haze solo and survived to tell the tale.
Stratocaster mods Muzoplanet

Stratocaster mods – Lessons learned

Sometimes modifications can be hit or miss, but there is always something to be learned in the process.
Moving from valve amps to Kemper profiler

Moving from valves to Kemper Profiler

One man's journey ditching valve amps and embracing profiling technology. What can go wrong? Apparently nothing...
Muzoplanet Strings Attached

Goodbye too soon?

"I have had guitars that I felt disappointed with after the honeymoon period, just to become my favourite instrument a year or so later."