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force majeure in artist contracts - muzoplanet

Force Majeur in artist contracts

Our legal expert explains the legal term "force majeur"and how it can apply to artist contracts
guitar setup for recording

Guitar setup for recording – a lesson learned

If you consider becoming a session guitarist then you need to get your guitars set up properly
Remote recording in the Karoo - MuzoPlanet

Remote recording in the Karoo

Tracking and arranging a full album in 5 days in a farmhouse in the Karoo
license agreement contract - muzoplanet

License agreement contracts

Our legal expert analyses a real-life license agreement contract and highlight all the typical problem areas that artists should be aware of.
les paul deluxe

Long live Madam Sousatzka (my Les Paul Deluxe)

Our columnist reminisces over the bumpy but ultimately successful journey with his Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
apply for a trade mark

Trade Marking Your Stage Name Part 3 – Apply for a Trade Mark

Our legal expert explains how to apply for a trade mark online. Follow these easy steps to trade mark your stage name.
weekend warrior pros and cons mixtape

The Pros and Cons of being a Weekend Warrior

Our columnist lists some of the Pros and Cons of being a Weekend Warrior - a few might surprise you.
search trade marks

Trade Marking Your Stage Name Part 2 – Search for Trade Marks

Once you decided to trade mark your stage name, the next step is to determine whether your intended trade mark is still available.
woman save electric guitar

Women might just save the electric guitar

According to market research released by Fender 50% of all beginner guitar players in USA and UK are female. With the music industry in decline, will women save the electric guitar?
Digital analogue recording MuzoPlanet

Digital and analogue recordings

Our columnist ponders whether it has to be either digital or analogue when it comes to recording. Why can't it be both?
Trademarking your stage name MuzoPlanet

Trade Marking Your Stage Name Part 1 – The Benefits

Ever considered trademarking your stage or band name? It might be a very good idea.
Income streams for artists - legal notes - muzoplanet

Income streams for artists

Our legal expert lists the various income streams for artists and the ones that will reap rewards the quickest.
EU Copyright Directive MuzoPlanet

The new EU Copyright Directive aims to pay artists more

Our legal expert breaks down and explains the key sections of the new EU Copyright directive and what it means for SA artists.
billy ocean loverboy solo muzoplanet

The Loverboy Solo

Sometimes there are numerous benefits in playing something outside of your tastes.
destryoing purple haze weekend warrior muzoplanet

Trashing Purple Haze

During a recent gig our columnist trashed the Purple Haze solo and survived to tell the tale.
Muzoplanet legal notes duration of copyright

Duration of copyright

Our legal expert explains how long copyright lasts in South African law.
Copyright infringement muzoplanet

Copyright infringement – what to do?

Advise on what you can do when someone else is using your song without your permission.
copyright for cover songs legal notes muzoplanet

Copyright for cover songs

Our legal expert clarifies the legal position when it comes to performing or recording covers.
what-you-dont-need-for-a-valid-contract-legal-notes-muzoplanet legal notes

What you don’t need for a valid contract

Our legal expert debunks a few myths on what is required for a valid contract.

Implications of the new cannabis laws for the music industry

Although you can smoke legally for personal use, your concert open to the public is still not deemed as "personal".