EU Copyright Directive MuzoPlanet

The new EU Copyright Directive wants musicians to be paid better

The new EU Copyright Directive proves that technology moves too fast for laws to keep up. The internet alone, in its ever-changing state, has resulted in more laws having being ... Read More
billy ocean loverboy solo muzoplanet

The Loverboy Solo

The Billy Ocean Loverboy solo. Before your thoughts get carried away in an unsavory direction, I am referring to the guitar solo in Billy Ocean’s 80’s hit, "Loverboy". I recently ... Read More
taylor guitars factory tour muzoplanet

Taylor Guitars factory tour

After our attendance of NAMM 2019 earlier this year we decided to visited the Taylor Guitars factory in Al Cajon California. Free guided factory tours are given every Monday to ... Read More
destryoing purple haze weekend warrior muzoplanet

Trashing Purple Haze

I have been the founding member and musical director for a Cat Stevens tribute show for the past 12 years. This show has taught me many lessons, from structuring a ... Read More
Muzoplanet legal notes duration of copyright

Duration of copyright

It was my birthday last week, which reminded me of the debacle surrounding the happy birthday song and the duration of copyright. You all know the song “Happy birthday to ... Read More

On the mic with Michael Schack

It is safe to say that Michael Schack has brought the use of edrums to a whole new level, and audience. He won the "E-drummerOfTheYear” award in 2014, 2015 and ... Read More
gibson guitars winter NAMM 2019 muzoplanet

Gibson Guitars exhibition at NAMM 2019

Gibson Guitars made a strong come back at this year's NAMM show after skipping 2018. After a tumultuous year Gibson seems to have refocused their efforts. Under new leadership their focus ... Read More
Washburn Nuno 4N muzoplanet

Washburn Debuts 4N Signature Nuno Bettencourt Guitar at Winter NAMM 2019

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, January 25, 2019 — For the better part of three decades, guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt and Washburn have paired up to design and craft the platinum-selling guitarist’s main ... Read More
sheeran guitars - ed sheeran and lowden guitars

Sheeran by Lowden – Ed Sheeran and Lowden Guitars Collaboration

Globally-acclaimed singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has surprised guests at a private event held Wednesday evening in Anaheim, California to announce the launch of his new range of guitars, Sheeran by Lowden ... Read More
Copyright infringement muzoplanet

Copyright infringement – what to do?

In terms of copyright infringement I am often asked “what must I do if someone else is using my song?”. Well, it all starts with a basic understanding of copyright ... Read More
nic rush interview muzoplanet

On the mic with Nic Rush

Nic Rush is a guitar player's guitarist. You do not become a brand ambassador (and endorsee) for Line 6, Yamaha Guitars, Marshall Amps and D'Addario strings if you do not ... Read More
hit like a girl 2019 spokesperson mël mcfail muzoplanet

Hit like a girl

Hit like a girl is an annual global drumming contest for female percussionists. It was conceived by David Levine of TRX Cymbals who felt that the music products industry was ... Read More
copyright for cover songs legal notes muzoplanet

Copyright for cover songs

Copyright for cover songs – how to legally perform and record them live Almost every artist will at some stage of their life perform or record cover songs. There seems ... Read More
Melpro studio - muzoplanet interview

Melpro Studio

Mick Evans and Rebeka Rain with a new member to the team, Stefan Wyeth from Cape Town, form the production team of Melpro Studio in Philadelphia, just outside of Cape Town ... Read More
aaron spears drummer muzoplanet

On the mic with Aaron Spears

We met up with Aaron Spears at PASIC 2018 to discuss his life as drummer for some of the most successful acts in the music business. Aaron's list of recording ... Read More
PASIC 2018 MuzoPlanet

PASIC 2018 – Scenes from the exhibitor floor

MuzoPlanet attended the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC 2018) in Indianapolis, USA. PASIC is one of the largest drum and percussion events in the world – Featuring over 120 ... Read More
kyle petersen musician - muzoplanet

On the mic with Kyle Petersen (part 2): Berklee

During our chat with Kyle Petersen (read all about it HERE) we asked Kyle to elaborate on his experience at the Berklee College of Music Summer School in Boston. We ... Read More
what-you-dont-need-for-a-valid-contract-legal-notes-muzoplanet legal notes

What you don’t need for a valid contract

A key figure in the music industry approached me on ideas for an upcoming talk she was doing. She told me she’d like to speak about basic contract formalities, such ... Read More
aaron spears drum clinics south africa muzoplanet

Aaron Spears – Drum Clinic in South Africa

CLICK HERE to book a seat! Considered by many to be one of the most passionate yet humble musicians of today, Aaron Spears is now the subject of major attention ... Read More
Roland keyboards ambassador in SA - Kyle Petersen - MuzoPlanet

On the mic with Kyle Petersen (part 1): Roland ambassador

Kyle Petersen sports a very impressive CV. Apart from working with Danny K, Toya Delazy, Blackbyrd, Elvis Blue, Zahara, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Kahn and Karin Zoid (among others) he is ... Read More