mesa/boogie gibson muzoplanet

Gibson announces the addition of Mesa/Boogie to its stable

Gibson, the iconic American instrument brand, ads Mesa/Boogie guitar amplification to their family of brands.
force majeure in artist contracts - muzoplanet

Force Majeur in artist contracts

Our legal expert explains the legal term "force majeur"and how it can apply to artist contracts
guitar setup for recording

Guitar setup for recording – a lesson learned

If you consider becoming a session guitarist then you need to get your guitars set up properly
Remote recording in the Karoo - MuzoPlanet

Remote recording in the Karoo

Tracking and arranging a full album in 5 days in a farmhouse in the Karoo
Tony Iommi Monkey SG - MuzoPlanet

Tony Iommi “Monkey” 1964 SG Special Replica

Gibson releases an exact replica of Tony Iommi's 1964 "Monkey" SG
gibson product lineup 2020 muzoplanet

Gibson reveals new product line-up for 2020

Gibson reveals new offerings from their standard and Custom Shop lineups
license agreement contract - muzoplanet

License agreement contracts

Our legal expert analyses a real-life license agreement contract and highlight all the typical problem areas that artists should be aware of.
les paul deluxe

Long live Madam Sousatzka (my Les Paul Deluxe)

Our columnist reminisces over the bumpy but ultimately successful journey with his Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
lowden 45 year guitars

Lowden 45 year guitars

Lowden goes back to its roots to celebrate 45 years of guitar making excellence.
gibson sheryl crow country western supreme

Gibson Sheryl Crow Country Western Supreme

Gibson has teamed with nine-time GRAMMY Award-winner Sheryl Crow to present the new Sheryl Crow Country Western Supreme acoustic guitar.
gibson slash es1275 doubleneck

Gibson announces the SLASH 1966 EDS-1275 Doubleneck

New meticulous recreation of SLASH's original guitar, constructed and aged by the Gibson Custom Shop.
apply for a trade mark

Trade Marking Your Stage Name Part 3 – Apply for a Trade Mark

Our legal expert explains how to apply for a trade mark online. Follow these easy steps to trade mark your stage name.
weekend warrior pros and cons mixtape

The Pros and Cons of being a Weekend Warrior

Our columnist lists some of the Pros and Cons of being a Weekend Warrior - a few might surprise you.
search trade marks

Trade Marking Your Stage Name Part 2 – Search for Trade Marks

Once you decided to trade mark your stage name, the next step is to determine whether your intended trade mark is still available.
woman save electric guitar

Women might just save the electric guitar

According to market research released by Fender 50% of all beginner guitar players in USA and UK are female. With the music industry in decline, will women save the electric guitar?
Digital analogue recording MuzoPlanet

Digital and analogue recordings

Our columnist ponders whether it has to be either digital or analogue when it comes to recording. Why can't it be both?
Roland Woman in Music

Roland Women in Music

Aligning the power of Roland with the power of celebrating women for national woman's month.
Fruit Vendor Band

On the mic with Fruit Vendor

Interview with Josh Prinsloo, front-man and leader of the Fruit Vendor Band. Eclectic afro pop from Cape Town.
crowdfunding for musicians MuzoPlanet

Crowdfunding for musicians – How to run a successful campaign

Have you ever considered crowdfunding? Here is a real life example of how you can run a successful campaign.
Carr Rambler MuzoPlanet

Awesome amps – Carr Rambler

Video demo of the Carr Rambler. Huge headroom and an awesome pedal platform.