Stu G gear check Kemper Profiler and Suhr Classic S

Stu G gear check – Kemper profilers and Suhr Classic S

We caught up with Stu G on the main stage at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town South Africa ... Read More
Supro Silverwood Ash Natural 1296AN

Supro Silverwood – New offering from Supro Guitars

The Supro Silverwood is a high-performance recreation of the instrument referred to as “Supro’s Finest Electric” when it was introduced ... Read More
Dave Amato Gibson Les Paul Axcess

Dave Amato Les Paul Axcess

Gibson Custom Shop recently released the new Dave Amato Les Paul Axcess Standard. This comes fresh off the heals of ... Read More
Swart Atomic Space Tone MK2 Head - MuzoPlanet

Awesome amps – Swart Atomic Space Tone MK2

The Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST) MK2 is a 18 to 22 Watt tone monster. It can run either 6L6 ... Read More
Lee Roy Parnell Gibson les paul - muzoplanet

Lee Roy Parnell Signature Gibson Les Paul

Since new management took over in 2018 things have been cooking at Gibson. A recent collaboration with legendary country/blues artist ... Read More


Stu G - MuzoPlanet

On the mic with Stu G

As lead guitarist for the British christian rock band Delirious? Stu G helped shape a new sound for christian music ... Read More
Michael Schack interview muzoplanet

On the mic with Michael Schack

It is safe to say that Michael Schack has brought the use of edrums to a whole new level, and ... Read More
nic rush interview muzoplanet

On the mic with Nic Rush

Nic Rush is a guitar player's guitarist. You do not become a brand ambassador (and endorsee) for Line 6, Yamaha ... Read More
hit like a girl 2019 spokesperson mël mcfail muzoplanet

Hit like a girl

Hit like a girl is an annual global drumming contest for female percussionists. It was conceived by David Levine of ... Read More
Melpro studio - muzoplanet interview

Melpro Studio

Mick Evans and Rebeka Rain with a new member to the team, Stefan Wyeth from Cape Town, form the production ... Read More


Trademarking your stage name - MuzoPlanet

Trademarking your stage name

Trademarking your stage name is something that very few musicians in South Africa consider. In this first addition of a new series of articles we will give this often-overlooked intellectual property right some attention.  Before jumping straight into the “how to”, we first need to have a better understanding and appreciation for why you might even need (or want) a ... Read More